(Solved) -AC 554 Unit 6 Final Exam Chapter 6 and 7 Updated

AC 554 Unit 6 Final Exam Chapter 6 and 7 NEW

As information security director of a medical college you have been asked to help medical research units at the college become compliant with HIPAA regulations. The regulations require that a patient’s data used for research must not remain identifiable with the patient. Currently, medical research units use their own dedicated local area networks to store and use patient data. Typically four to six professors, several postdoctoral fellows, and a few graduate students are involved in the research. As a cautious beginning you decide to design a solution to authenticate every user of the database, including data entry people. Design such a design and describe its essential components.
Imagine a day when a virus takes out all your networked Windows machines. Strategize the approach one could take to ensure business resumes.


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