(Solved) -ACC 543 Assignment New Donor Presentation (Modality of Your Choice)(New Syllabus)

ACC 543 Assignment New Donor Presentation (Modality of Your Choice)(New Syllabus)


• 10- to 12-slide presentation using a modality of your choice. Your boss request a presentation for new donors. You are to include the following:What is the mission and purpose of your organization?

• Differentiate between private and government not-for-profit organizations.

• What are the primary sources of funding for the organization? How are the revenues classified? Be sure to include dollar amounts.

• What are the primary expenditures for the organization? In other words, how do the organizations get and spend their money.

• What reports are required by FASB as far as reporting?

• What issues have not-for-profits faced as far as reporting and what changes are being made in the new year?

• What are the differences between reporting for governments and not-for-profit organizations?

• How successful has your entity been in terms of meeting its mission and staying fiscally solvent?

• What reports or information will show the donors if a not-for-profit entity is financially healthy?


The student should use four different sources. Each source should be cited in the text on the slides and there should be a reference slide at the end. All work submitted for grading should be original work of the student that submitted the assignment in this class.


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