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I am on crunch time with this assignment. This is my final assignment and the tutor I paid my down payment backed out on me today and I need this assignment on the 13th which is tomorrow. This assignment weighs 200 points. Serious writers ONLY!!!! Please follow the instructions provided. Thanks in advance 




The final paper must be 10–12 pages (not including the title page, abstract page, or reference pages).



The paper must include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed and academic journal resources. Academic journals can be easily accessed through Liberty University’s online library. A librarian is available to assist online students. The articles should be dated within the past 5 years.  



 Rely on peer-reviewed resources easily accessed through Liberty University’s online library. 




The required components that must be included in the paper:


• Title page


• Abstract page


• Body of 10–12 pages


• Reference page



Paragraph Headers or Equivalent to use: (10-12 pages)


1.   Research Problem: (What is the problem you are researching?) 1/4 page 



2.   Problem History: (What has been done in the past to attempt to address this problem and what has been the result?) No more than 5 pages or 50% of your paper. Work will be devalued if you go over these Problem History page limits.



3.   Future Action Needed: (What more needs to be done and by whom to more aggressively address this problem?) About 20% or up to 2 pages of your paper. This is the weakest part of most student papers. You need to do academic RESEARCH, REFERENCING AND INTEGRATED DISCUSSION about THE FUTURE NOT JUST WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST (HISTORY).



4.   Personal Response: (What can I do to address this problem in my own way?) about 10% or one page of your paper. You need to be VERY SPECIFIC SUGGESTING WHAT EXACTLY BEHAVIORS YOU ARE GOING TO IMPLEMENT RELATED TO THIS SUBJECT. This is your chance to make this topic UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.



5.   Biblical Perspective: (Using topic specific scriptures, what is my Biblical perspective related to this problem?) about 7-10% or 3/4 of a page of your paper.



6.   Summary and Conclusions: (Key Points and Call to Action) 1-2 paragraphs up to 7-10% of your paper



7.  References: (Per APA) Starts with "References" header and then follows APA guidelines.


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