(Solution) - Need a Paper about the company FOXCONN CZ, s.r.o. czech republic

Need a Paper of 12 pages about the company FOXCONN CZ, s.r.o. czech republic


Paper Guidelines:



  • Provide a short description of the company and      its history (headquarter location, geographic presence, years in business,      milestone events, and so on). Identify and compare competitors, if any.

  • What is the main business (product, service)      of the company? Emphasize the company’s original features (if any), not      provided by competitors.

  • Estimate the current amount and possible      sources of revenue (the revenue model of the business). What part of the revenue      comes from international operations?

  • Find and provide as much information as you      can find about the company’s business in Czech Republic or Austria. 

  • Analyze the opportunities and challenges      that the company meets in doing its business in Czech Republic or Austria.       

  • Express your opinion about the future of the      company from customer and business points of view. What do you like and      not like in their web-site? 

  • Provide any additional information that is relevant      for the chosen topic.


Paper Format/Structure:


The paper should start with the Title and Author. The paper should contain the following sections: 


Introduction, Background Information, Business Analysis, Conclusion, and References


Pages should be numbered. In the section “References” should properly list, at least, four references (possibly, to online sources), from which you obtain information for this paper. 


Paper Size: 10-12 pages in 12 font size (with 1.5 or double line spacing)


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