Topic: Impact of Incarceration in Children



To prepare your rough draft, complete the following tasks:


1. Prepare an introduction which synthesizes Parts 1A and 1B of the research report.


a) This section of the rough draft should be a fluid discussion of your topic, research questions, and/or hypothesis.


b) Remember that Part 1C was incorporated into Part 3 of the research report and should not be discussed here.


2. Add Parts 2 through 4 of your research report to the rough draft.


3. Incorporate appropriate transitions between each part of the research report.


4. Prepare a reference list that includes APA style references for all the sources cited in-text in each section of the research report rough draft (i.e., Introduction, Parts 1-4).


5. Prepare an abstract (200 words or less) that briefly addresses the following:


a. what topic you are studying,


b. why you are conducting your study,


c. how you plan to conduct your study,


d. what you would expect to find if you conducted your study, and


e. how your research could impact the field of criminal justice.


i. Prepare a title page that includes the title of your research report, your name, and the name of your institution.


ii. Order the rough draft as follows:


a. Title Page


b. Abstract


c. Introduction


d. Literature Review


e. Methodology


f. Discussion and Conclusion


g. References


6. Ensure your rough draft is a minimum of ten double-spaced pages (not counting title and reference pages).


Remember that you can return to the studies you discussed in your literature review to assist you in developing the abstract and introduction to your research report and the transitions between each part of your research report. There you will find varying examples of abstracts, introductions, and transitions used in research reports. 


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