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Need in 8 hours- APA format  



My business: Simple Solution Investments LLC (real estate investment company that flips homes/ foreclosures)




Final Marketing Plan


Make at least four marketing mix recommendations for implementation during the next year. Include a rationale for the recommendations, as well as operational details.


Develop a plan for measuring the marketing program after it has been in the market.


Overview and POP/POD Analysis; and your Target Markets, SWOT, and Current Marketing Mix. Revise as necessary, and compile all your work into a cohesive plan.


Format your final marketing plan. The final document should be 15–25 pages long and adhere to the following requirements:



  • Include a cover page, table of contents, section headings, executive summary, and APA-formatted reference list. 

  • The double-spaced written portion of your document must have a minimum of 3,000 words. It may be formatted in short paragraphs and bulleted lists, and it should be supplemented with extensive use of graphics and images.


Note from the instructor: I strongly discourage using one long paragraph after another throughout your paper. Heavy use of the following is highly recommended, lack of which will affect your grade.



- Shorter paragraphs


- Headings


- Subheadings


- Numbering/bullets


- Listing


- Bolding


- Underlining



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