(Solution) - Neighborhood Safety Research Paper

Total need -12 pages 


But First I need the Draft of 4-5 pages  


Then final draft 12 pages  



 The work plan from class prof take, I put the source in one file, some pics and excel are data.


Something to explain


1. Our project is about neighborhood safety. U can just use our data to make some assumptions. But U need to find research papers to support ur hypothesis


2. The writer needs to make a Project. Now the four existing charts are made by us in the class that prof provide the data. They hope that you can use the data or trends in these four icons to write a paper about Neighborhood Safety.


3. This topic is not limited to Location, but in terms of extending Neighborhood Safety, for example, u can have factors that affect Safety


4 There is also a data in the four tables, the older the age, the more they feel safer


5. following  to  our outline "286" to write, but u need to use 4 of screenshot pic data to write in your paper


6. in work plan file, we have already find some resource that you can use, all the excel data pics that provide by prof, u should insert in your paper


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