(Solution) - Neve Tzedek Paper

Please write about the neighborhood Neve Tzedek in the city of Tel Aviv and try to reconstruct its history and current state.



10 full pages, double spaced, 12 size font, not including pictures, empty spaces, or bibliography!



You should have an average of 3 or more footnotes (or endnotes/short notes) per page. You can use any standard formatting style you like (MLA, Chicago etc.), just be consistent. If you use short notes (e.g. Kark 1990:12) you must add a full and formatted bibliography at the end.



At least 5 different academic sources, including at least 2 used in this course.


Class readings (all scanned on my webpage, further most books are in the Educational Library, check the indexes for passages on your topic throughout the books, and book bibliographies for further readings)



Also check RAMBI, an index of articles on Jewish- and Israeli-related topics: http://jnul.huji.ac.il/rambi/) When in the stacks browse for similar books 



Online (e.g. haaretz.com newspaper web archive in English for small payment; academic websites, official web pages of buildings or institutions etc.)



Please note: to plagiarize? (third-person singular simple present plagiarizes?, present participle plagiarizing?, simple past and past participle plagiarized?) (transitive or intransitive) To use, and pass off as one's own, someone else's writing/speech.


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