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An Enterprise Security and Architect Technical Resource are part of the project core team. You have met with the technical resources to obtain the security and architect requirements necessary to update the business case and diagram to assist the CTO with the proposed solution.


Build on and update your diagram created in Week 3, by adding the role of business continuity, a disaster recovery plan, and the relationship to the cloud.


Update your Week 2 business case to the President and Board of Directors with the following information:



  • An explanation of the role of risk, compliance, and security

  • A best practice type of data protection

  • An explanation of the key cloud-based security standards using appropriate terminology to provide clarity during the review process

  • The updated diagram


Incorporate the instructor's feedback from Weeks 2 and 3. This section of the business case should be between 2 and 3 pages. Ensure you have reviewed for spelling, topic organization and review prior to submission. Use APA formatting at a minimum to ensure all information is on a cover and a conclusion is provided.


Provide research and references to support your recommendations. References should be formatted according to APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.


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