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The following instructions are regarding your mid-term project. As part of this project you are required to first familiarize with the set of plans and specs (Fire Station Building) and then proceed with the quantity takeoff estimation. You are to find the total concrete in CY (Cast-in-Place) required for the Fire Station Building. You’ll find the information from the structural drawings (Drawing S1.1 to S2.5 in drawing number 15 in the attached folder. Note that there are 9 pages in Structural drawings). Please use On-Screen Takeoff Software to take off the concrete from the plan and use the sections and elevations to determine the height of the concrete structures. The takeoff portion should be clearly shown in the plan and the worksheet. You need to take a screen-shot of these plans and the worksheet as you did in the class. These screenshots (Plan and Worksheet) should then be submitted in the link created in the Blackboard for this mid-term project. If you do not have OST software in your personal laptop or home computer you need to use the lab computer. Please be reminded that the lab room may be occupied by other professors and you should find a suitable time where you have sufficient time to work on the given project in the lab. This project is due by the end of this week, i.e., March 15th Midnight and there will be no exceptions!)  






When you take a screenshot of the OST page, the screenshot should clearly show the top of the page that includes your name as the name of the bid.


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