(Solution) - Overview of the Bible: 6-10 page paper

The students will write a critical introduction to a book of Bible. Each student will select a biblical book, read it in its entirety, and research its historical background, literary structure, major themes, place in the biblical storyline, and theological message. 



Students should cite at least 6 non-internet, academic sources (books, journal articles, etc.). 



The paper should be 6-10 pages long (Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1” margins all around) and should include a bibliography (which is not counted toward the page total). APA format.



The paper should contain the following sections:



a.) Critical Issues (author, date, provenance, occasion, sources, etc.)


b.) Literary structure (two-level outline the major sections of the book and then a   1-2 paragraph summary)


c.) Place in the storyline of the Bible (use Roberts here)



d.) Major themes and theological message


e.) Personal reflection on the book



Suggested resources: ESV Study Bible, New International Commentary on the Old Testament, New International Commentary on the New Testament, New Dictionary of Biblical Theology




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