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The following questions are based on the attachment. After reading the attachment (Capstone Project), pls answer the following questions:



Each week there are two prompts required to complete the initial Post: a reflection of the process and a progress report.   Write a full paragraph (5-7 sentences) responding to each of the prompts, and then respond to one of your peers.



Reflect:  The writing process includes Discovery, Drafting, Revising, Editing/Publishing.  As you enter the drafting stage,  how do you feel about your topic?  Was your discovery process successful? What three skills have you learned in your studies that will help you achieve success in this Capstone? In your career?



Progress: Organization and time management are vital to success. Consider your progress to date.  What is your plan for the successful completion of the Capstone in the upcoming weeks?  Considering the scope of the work (20 pages/4000 words) what is your plan for managing the time and effort required for successful completion?   What are you most excited about?  What is your biggest fear?


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