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As we wrap up our broad discussion of information economics and advertising, this assignment is designed to help you reflect on the impact of our technological economic systems on issues of ethics, diversity and globalization.  Review the articles and videos posted in the October 10 module on Canvas, then answer the following questions.  Please write in complete sentences and number your answers.



1.  Read the New York Times article about "How Each Big Tech Company May be Targeted."  What is the primary anti-competitive concern about Amazon, Apple and Google?  In other words, why are competitors upset?   Which economic concept explains the situation best (intangible nature of information, experience goods, vertical integration, horizontal integration, economies of scale or scope, sunk costs, complementary goods, network externalities, etc.)?



2. The last three articles/videos in the module critique the advertising industry from a variety of perspectives.  Summarize one critique from each source : 1. Facebook's Ad System, 2. Tackling the Internet's Central Villain, 3. Ad and the Ego part one.



3.  Discuss which concern about advertising troubles you the most and why, OR discuss which company's market power concerns you the most and why.



There is no words account requirement, about 500  is ok.


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