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Write about 250 words in each of the topic below.


1. How do casinos and state lotteries use learning theory to keep people gambling even though the gamblers lose more than they win? 


2. Within the area of consciousness, their are altered states of consciousness, which can include states influenced by legal or illegal drugs, hypnosis, or physical ailments. Recently in the news someone accused of murder claimed to have been under an altered state caused by cold medicine. Could this really happen? Explain your opinion? Is there a difference between probability and possibility in this case? 


3. Are intelligence and common sense really different, or are they different applications of the same ability? Explain your answer. 


 4.Based on your readings on trait theory, how would you describe your personality? Discuss your answer.


5. How does the theory of mind relate to the development of empathy, how does this fit into the concept of self? Explain your answer.  



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