(Solution) - Discussion question 150 words minimum, at least 1 citation APA style

Choose two of the empirical studies from that list and post the references and persistent links for the studies. Identify the research method and research design used in each of those studies. Did the research method and research design align to each study's problem, purpose, research questions, and hypotheses/phenomena? Why or why not? How does concept of alignment apply to your dissertation literature review? Explain.



empirical study 1






Munir,   F. & Aboidullah, M. (2018). Gender Differences in Transformational   Leadership Behaviors of School Principals and Teachers’ Academic   Effectiveness. Bulletin of Education & Research, 40(1),   99–113. 







Empirical study 2 






Guillemin,   M., & Gillam, L. (2004). Ethics, Reflexivity, and “Ethically Important   Moments” in Research. Qualitative Inquiry, 10(2),   261–280.  






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