(Solution) - Discussion question 150 words minimum, at least 1 citation APA style

Refer to the two studies you addressed in the second discussion question in Topic 1. Did the studies use inductive or deductive research methods? Explain. Why did the researcher choose induction or deduction for the study? (Note: you may have to infer this from the information given to justify the research design and method)  Do you believe the choice of induction or deduction was correct for the study? Why or why not?



empirical study 1




Munir,   F. & Aboidullah, M. (2018). Gender Differences in Transformational   Leadership Behaviors of School Principals and Teachers’ Academic   Effectiveness. Bulletin of Education & Research, 40(1),   99–113. 






Empirical study 2 




Guillemin,   M., & Gillam, L. (2004). Ethics, Reflexivity, and “Ethically Important   Moments” in Research. Qualitative Inquiry, 10(2),   261–280.  






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