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Read the following article to answer the discussion questions (link below).  Day, D. (1991). Adopting a Contingency Approach to One’s Leadership Style: From Cognitive Awareness to Actual Practice—As Easy As It Appears? Journal of Management Education, 15(3), 362-365. 



 “Adopting a contingency approach to one’s leadership style: From cognitive awareness to actual practice – as easy as it appears?” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 



1.   Compare and contrast the experiences and takeaways of the author in the context of student discussions in an Organizational Behavior class with a more traditional organizational setting with a manager and employees. How might the experiences be similar and how might they be different given another context? 



2.    If you were in the role of an OB professor, what are some leadership behaviors you would demonstrate in order to generate a higher level and quality of student discussion?



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