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In Module 3, Rob, the father of the Centervale family, sexually assaulted his daughter Lucy and forced her into prostitution. Lucy, who is a minor and a victim of parental child abuse must try to cope with living in foster care; apart from her family while trying to heal from the aftermath of the abuse. Lucy will suffer for the rest of her life from witnessing the death of a friend she asked to sleep over and other crimes she has seen. It is very important that she goes through extensive rehabilitation so she can have an opportunity to become a productive member of society.


What's Her Current Condition?


Lucy has drowned much of her pain in drug abuse to cope with domestic violence, sexual assault, incest, and trauma. She has been a witness to homicide (her friend's death) and has had no advocate on her behalf at any time in her adolescence. It is difficult for her to form or rely on relationships. Victims like Lucy need various types of rehabilitation for drug use, sexual assault, and severe trauma. Her goal is to stay away from the type of behavior she was forced into by her parents—persons whom she had trusted the most. If she recovers, she will need to establish new relationships and learn to trust individuals to not abuse or take advantage of her.


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By the due date assigned, in a minimum of 300 words, post your responses on the following to the Discussion Area:



  • Research in the Argosy Library and locate an article that discusses the steps of recovery for a victim of sexual assault. Make sure to include a reference for the article you use to complete this discussion posting.

  • Discuss the rehabilitation procedures that may be implemented for Lucy's speedy recovery.

  • Explain how Lucy might respond to the possibility of a new life beyond the traumas of drug abuse and sexual assault?


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