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Instead of a work cited page, include the link into the actually paper to support evidence, being that this a digital class. NAFTA is an agreement that governs trade between the US, Canada, and Mexico. It reduces or eliminates trade barriers between, and among, the three countries. The Trump administration is committed to revisiting the US approach to trade, e.g., renegotiating, or withdrawing from, NAFTA, withdrawing from the TPP and imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum producers. The administration hopes that these tariffs will provide leverage in the renegotiation of the NAFTA agreement by providing tariff relief.



The administration is in favor of imposing tariffs, potentially starting a trade war. There are significant risks that disruption of existing trade relationships could bring. NAFTA has been in place for twenty four years, providing a platform for the integration of three economies and withdrawal will damage all three. The TPP was also intended to lower trade barriers among the member countries, eleven of whom have signed the agreement. Consider the global impact of these trade agreements. How do tariffs on imports effect the US and other countries? What is the effect on US and international law?



Identify and discuss at least two of the issues raised by the above narrative. You will then engage your classmates in the discussion that follows. Be certain to discuss the ethical issues raised in the context of this TID. Remember, all of your work on TID #2 should be posted in the #tid-2 channel.



N.B. So, let’s recap this deliverable ... the TID is a research, writing and discussion assignment. You should pay close attention to the requirements outlined in the TID as well as the Engagement sections of IP Deliverables page.



Be certain that you use the post function in Slack when posting your initial response. You can visit here for advice on how to format (headers, bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc.) the text in your post. Please review the details on the use of threading here so that you can use it effectively. This is a terrific tool that will simplify your discussions during this TID. I suggest that you use threading during the comment phase of this TID. If you just want to continue the discussion by adding a new and/or different perspective then click the dialog box (next to the “+” sign at the bottom of the channel) and add your thoughts to the discussion.


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