(Solution) - DBM week 4

Select and Update Data in Related Tables




Running reports on existing data and updating data records are very


common tasks in the industry.


For this assignment, you will begin with a database containing several pre-populated tables.


Download and unzip the Microsoft® Access® database (ZIP file)


available on the Cengage's website. (You may need to convert the


database depending on the version of Microsoft® Access® you are


using. To convert the database, follow Microsoft®'s Convert a Database


to the .accdb File Format instructions.)


Open the database in Microsoft® Access® and explore the tables it


contains by following this path:






Note: If you have chosen not to use Microsoft® Access® in this course,


you will need to download the SQL statements for MySQL, Oracle®, or


SQLserver and run those statements against your RDBMS to create a


populated database.


Download the Select and Update Data in Related Tables document and


follow the instructions.


Your completed assignment will consist of one document and two


screenshots placed in one document (one screenshot showing the


results of the "before" SELECT statement and a second showing the


results of the "after" SELECT statement).


Submit your assignment.


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