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 Please note that you do not need to cite references in these discussions from our textbook. Make it easy on yourself and write something like this: As our text states.... 




1. A. List Hofstede's six dimensions of cultural differences that affect work                                   attitudes.


B. Describe each of Hofstede’s six dimensions. 



2.  Using the dimensions you outlined above, describe the United States. 



3.  A. Define diversity. 


B. List and describe the six primary sources of diversity in the U.S. workforce



4.   A. What are at least three potential benefits of diversity? Discuss these.


B. What are at least three potential problems of diversity? Discuss these. 



5.  A. Define the glass ceiling.


B. What is the reality of the glass ceiling?


C. What would it take to change this reality? 




6.   A. List and describe at least three ethical challenges encountered in organizations?


B. Discuss how these ethical challenges have impacted American society?




7.   A. What is distributive justice?


B. What is procedural justice?


C. Describe the differences between distributive and procedural justice. 




8.   A. Why do employees fear technological innovations? Discuss and give several examples.


B. How can managers help employees to adjust to technological innovations?  Give several examples. 







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