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1. Is everyone creative?


Question---What does creativity mean to you and what status does it hold in your life? Is everyone creative? Is it an attitude or a condition? "We all have the potential to be creative, yet most of us have not been encouraged to develop our creativity." Why not? Discuss the Wal-Mart Phenomenon, a proposed theory of how readily accessable mass-produced items encourage consumers to purchase pre-determined solutions to their needs, rather than develop creative solutions on their own. For example, why build a birdhouse, when you can buy one at Wal-Mart for $7.99?



2. What qualities determine for you what is a great work of art? Options Menu: Forum



Question .   "Everyone has an unconscious set of qualities or attributes that, for them, determines what is a great work of art. Many factors can influence this decission. Do you recognize the name of the artist? Have you heard of the work? Is the work being shown in a nice gallery or museum, or in someone's garage studio? List as many qualities as you can that for you, would make this deternmination.



3. Is the ability to draw a learned skill or a natural ability? Options Menu: Forum



Question :- Is the ability to draw a natural ability that one is born with or a learned skill? Consider also some of the situations and circumstances that you might find your self drawing. Have you recently had to draw an example of some idea or immage? Have you had to draw directions for someone? Do you doodle to pass the time?



4. Which do you feel is more challenging, 2 Dimensional or 3 Dimensional Art? Options Menu: Forum



Question:- Which do you feel is more challenging, 2 Dimensional or 3 Dimensional Art? Consider the physical demands of each, the difficulties of working with materials, the challenges of creating illusions, as well as the fragility or permanance of each.



5. What does color reflect about you?Options Menu: Forum



Question:- What colors have you decorated your home or apartment in? Are there certain colors or groups of colors that you seem to be attracted to? What do you feel your choice of color reflects about your personality?




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