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I am going to be the CEO of Under Armour and my game winning move is going to be to turn Under Armour into a Health and Wellness company instead of a athletic apparel company.  It currently dabbles in this arena with its purchase of mapmyrun which is an app that helps athletes track their fitness runs and bikes.


With this game winning move is going to be the combination of a crossfit gym, gnc supplement store, an Under Armour athletic apparel store, and your local doctors office.  Imagine a community where average everyday people have a more affordable version of what world class athletes have.  You work out at the gym everyday and your workout is track and logged thanks to our wearable technology.  People can then log their nutrition into the same app everyday and their health stats are logged throughout the month.  All of this data is tracked and using AI condensed and provided to our physical trainers and health professionals that can meet with our clients every month to provide one on one counseling and coaching.  This will all be provided under a monthly prescription like a gym membership.  When the model proves out and demonstrates enhanced health outcomes we can make a play for the possible health insurance market.  There are many cases where companies will pay some of their employees to work out or have a gym membership because it saves the company money in preventative health outcomes. 


I need to get caught up on the data portion of this exercise since I am switching late in the game but I am confident there is plenty of data out there with publicly traded companies




Response 2:


My winning move as the CEO of XPO Logistics will be to create a fleet of self-driving freight vehicles using the newly developed technology of GAN. I am pursuing this because the logistics world of semi-trailers is changing fast. We have a national driver shortage that will only increase as the years continue. This means that the market cannot meet the demands that is placed on it to move freight and product. This is due to stagnant wages, new regulations, and a lack of interest in the younger generations. Autonomous freight vehicles can fill this need and will be more efficient in the delivery of freight. The development of GAN (adversarial neural networks) will allow the AI the adaptability that autonomous vehicles now lack. Through the development of this technology we can create a safe self-driving freight vehicle that can adapt and learn as it drives. Once developed we can transition into use of these in our fleet, and we can sell these to other competing companies. We can create a blue ocean market of self-driving autonomous adaptable freight carriers.




          Data was extremely important. My current job, which is affected by the logistics issues in the market, gave me a more pointed view of the market. I had some backing as I attend a commodities overview at the end of each year and logistics is one of the topics. Therefore, I had a pretty good understanding of the market and the industry. However, I forced myself to go back to a neutral standpoint and collected data not to prove my hypothesis, but to get an overall sense of the market. After looking into XPO I learned that they are a very liquid company and were in a good position to take on a move like this. I learned that my view of the market was pretty accurate and fair. This was a good thing and helped to reinforce my game winning move. Finally, digging into GAN and getting a good understanding of the implications of this technology was my biggest learning point. I’m happy to see that the possibilities with using GAN in autonomous driving is very justified and has a great potential. Therefore, the collection and analysis of data was extremely helpful in guiding my decision on my game-winning move.


If I were the CEO of XPO, which I am for the capstone, this is exactly where I would focus my efforts. The market is changing and the first one to crack into the self-driving freight vehicles will be the ones to steal the market share and come out on top.


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