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Your company has determined that security should be integrated into all levels of the corporation, from development, to IT, to the end-user-experience. You are responsible for introducing the appropriate design principles to your supervisor and colleagues.

Using Quizlet, identify the appropriate design principles to address the scenario and compile a flashcard deck that introduces the 20 most appropriate security & OOP terms.

Reference https://mlhale.github.io/nebraska-gencyber-modules/intro_to_first_principles/README/ and other online resources.

Be sure to include class, encapsulation, inheritance, modularity, process isolation, domain separation, open design, defense layering, least privilege, and 11 additional terms.

Submit your Quizlet link as directed by your instructor.

No special style required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this work on Loopclouds.

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