(Solution) - Business Goals and Business Processes

Pick a company/organization that you are familiar with. This can be your workplace, place of worship, volunteer workplace, or a company found from a case study from the Capella University Library or the Web. When picking the company or organization, think about your educational specialization area, information technology interests, or career goals.

Prepare a three-page paper that includes the following:

  • Company/organization background.
  • Description of its business mission.
  • Explanation of at least two business goals or objectives.
  • At least two business processes used at the company or organization.
  • At least two information systems used at the company or organization.
  • Explanation of how IT systems do or do not integrate with business goals.
  • Explanation of challenges and opportunities with today's IT systems that are relevant to business processes.
  • Citations and references for any sources used.

Ensure that your paper is professionally written and free of errors, and that APA formatting is applied throughout.


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