(Solution) - 2-3 pages marketing paper due 2/23 10pm Est


This case builds upon your study of the external environment including culture and political situations as well as the interaction of adapting to local conditions with conditions elsewhere in the world for a global company. This case specifically deals with IKEA’s decision regarding promotional materials in Saudi Arabia.

In writing up your analysis, please read the case carefully, identify the key problem/s, uncover possible solutions (based on global marketing perspective), and select and defend your recommendation as to the best decision. Please include a discussion of the ethical principles that may be applied in making your recommendations (principles listed below), as well as the impact on all relevant stakeholders.

*Utilitarian Ethics: Does the action optimize the “common good” or benefits of all constituencies?

*Rights of the Parties: Does the action respect the rights of the individuals involved?

*Justice or Fairness: Does the action respect the canons of justice or fairness to all parties involved?


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