(Solution) - Assign 5 Job Letter

1. Prepare a job letter in standard letter format. See example in your textbook in the Correspondence section of your book. Use the current date such as March 22, 2018. In the letter indicate that your resume is attached and ask for an interview.  If you wish to submit the job letter as an electronic application letter, write a note to that effect at the top of the letter or to your instructor in case you need to change the format slightly.  

Note: My major is Civil Engineering

2.  Correct the following phrases to make them more concise. If you prefer, you may write a complete sentence using the corrected phrase.  You may write the phrases as a part of  full sentences if you wish:

  1. at  the present moment
  2. I  remain sincerely yours
  3. Policies  and Procedures Manual (PPM)
  4. in the event that
  5. it  is possible that the cause is
  6. please do not hesitate to call
  7. thanking you in advance
  8. it  has come to my attention

3. Essay Question: Think about the assignments that you have completed thus far in the semester in this course in technical writing. Which assignment has been the most helpful to you and why? Explain.  

Note:  The recent 4 assignments you did for me.

4. Write three complete sentences about the journal article you reviewed as Assignment 4. (These sentences should result in a pretty good paragraph.) 

Note: Assignment Article you did.


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