(Solution) - Analytic Paragraph

One Analytic Paragraph

1- Read the short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London 

2- Write one analytic paragraph about the story. (300 to 350 words)

3- Your analytic paragraph must have Point or a claim, evidence which is direct quote from the text, literary device from the evidence, and lastly relate your analysis back to the thesis.

4- Use the story's title. Titles in MLA format are in quotation marks

5- For your quote (the evidence), Use correct MLA formatting.

6-  DO NOT summarize the story as your paragraph. Pick one theme (one message) and one literary device. Pick 1-2 quotes that prove your point. Analyze those quotes. (USE STRONG ANALYTIC VERB) 

(link to the short story http://london.sonoma.edu/writings/LostFace/fire.html )  


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